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Digital: Cisco Lifecycle

Cisco Lifestyle Services Approach

eLearning Modules for Cisco Resellers

Click LINK to view Flash eLearning modules.

These modules made up a series of courses that Cisco provided to its resellers. They were a self paced learning environment that could be tracked by means of interactive testing.

My roll included:

  • Oversaw project art and animation direction
  • Key input in turning storyboards into animations
  • Voice Over integration and storyline integration
  • Responsible for art and animation working with Flash programing

This was a training course Cisco had its resellers took to get certified; its purpose was to teach the sanctioned way to sell and deliver Cisco products. I’ve included one of the smaller modules, but there were at least 20 modules for different sections like this. I was the art director on this project which meant I designed the screens and text and animation placement etc. Cisco has a huge database of imagery to draw from and I was able to access to come up with the photos of the piece. The colors and fonts were “Cisco” blessed but the layout I determined. The screens were built in PowerPoint and the Voice Over was attached to each screen. The module was then imported to Captivate and then exported as a .mp4 document. The text of the Voice Over was written in our shop according to an outline Cisco provided. We produced the voice over from this script and then integrated it into the slides. So the software steps went from PowerPoint to Flash through Captivate.